Do small print shops need management software?

Managing a small print shop

In this blog post, I’m going to discuss a question that I get asked a lot by owners of small printing businesses: “As a small business owner, do I really need to invest in software to help manage my business?”

Like most questions worth asking, the answer depends on the situation.

Print MIS solutions can offer tons of value to some small businesses, while it is nothing more than an unnecessary expense for others. 

It’s important that you learn where your business stands to avoid making a bad investment. 

How do you do that?

Just ask yourself: what aspects of your business need the most improvement. Are you not getting enough orders? Is your profit margin lower than you would like it to be? 

If the growth of your business is being limited by anything other than low sales volume, print shop management software might be just what you need.

Let’s say you own a small shop that just started to get some traction with sales.

Before you know it, the only estimator at your shop is up to his neck in spreadsheets, your production staff is overwhelmed and the quality of your customer service is starting to take a hit.

So, obviously, something needs to change if you want your business to grow any more.

What are the options here?

  1. Hire new staff members
  2. Make your business more efficient

While hiring more staff would help in the short term, you’ll eventually find yourself facing the same problems. It’s like using a Band-aid when you actually need stitches. Not to mention, hiring staff is usually the more costly of the two options.

Now, I’m not saying you should never hire an employee again. My point is that in situations like the one I’ve described, software would make your business more efficient by allowing your team to get more done with their time. So when the time comes to bring on more staff, you can be sure that you’re maximizing the output from your investment in labor costs.

This, in turn, will lead to a higher capacity for production and allow your business to continue to grow. 

To sum up, the most important thing to consider is what needs to change in order for your business to grow. If you’re being held back because of a bottleneck in your workflow, it’s time to start shopping for a management system.

Printmatics offers comprehensive solutions for all types of printing and sign companies. Whether you need screen printing shop management software, or your business could benefit from sign estimating software – we do it all!

Tons of our clients started using our software when their organizations were smaller in size (as little as 2-3 users on the system). We offer a low cost ‘Starter’ Package designed for smaller businesses that want to build an infrastructure from which they can scale their business. 

If you are considering an MIS solution for your small printing or sign business, request your free consultation so that we can assess if Printmatics is the right fit for you.

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