Stop leaving profit on the table.

Print Shop Management Software

  • Take the guesswork out of pricing and improve your bottom line 
  • Stop wasting time with repetitive tasks and manually tracking orders so that you can spend your time focusing on moving your business forward
  • Equip yourself with business management tools to ensure your success in the competitive printing industry
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Comprehensive Print Estimating

Produce accurate estimates for jobs of any size or complexity with flexible software tailored to your preferred methods of pricing.

Flexible Product Pricing

Price products by the unit, square foot, linear foot and perimeter, hourly or even using cost-based methods.

Sales Quote approval

Sales managers can approve or decline quotes at the click of a button. Your salespeople will be instantly notified when a quote is approved.

Detailed Cost Analysis

Gain access to cost analysis on every job which can be broken down and viewed in minute detail with the click of a button.

Intelligent Substrate Layout

Printmatics will automatically detect the optimal substrate nesting strategy to save your materials. Keep your costs low so that you can price competitively.

Order Management

Business management software allows you to enter jobs with ease, keep track of orders and move them through your workflow efficiently.

Simplified Order Entry

Enter even the most complex jobs in a matter of seconds using customized product templates. Any staff member will be able to enter jobs with minimal training.

Material Planning and Inventory Management

Manually keeping track of materials and inventory is a thing of the past. Printmatics will tell you when it’s time to stock up.

Automatic Scheduling

Schedule jobs for production automatically. Our Smart Scheduler will plan out your production as efficiently as possible.

Intelligent Search

Quickly pull up customers, orders or invoices with intelligent search functions.

Easy Customer Approval

Ask for customer approval and keep track of their responses all within Printmatics

And more!

Invoicing and accounting

Produce customized invoices and send them to customers instantly to make collecting payment easy for everyone.

Automatic Invoicing

Send invoices automatically by email when a job is completed.

‘Pay Now’ Feature

Include a link on invoices for customers to make payments online by check or credit card. Payments are automatically registered by Printmatics accounting module.

Accounting Integration

Handle all of your A/R within Printmatics and easily export data to your accounting software.

Customer Information and Communication Tools

Automatic Text & Email Notifications

Automatically let your customers know once their jobs are entered, made ready, invoiced and/or shipped.

Customer Web Access Module

A wonderful add-on feature that allows your clients to view and print orders, invoices, payments, and statements online.

Customer Categorization

Categorize your customers by user-defined 'Customer Types' and 'Customer Acquisition Methods'. Keep track of your revenue streams and the effectiveness of your advertising!

And more!

Business Analytics

Real vs. Estimated Cost Option

Record the actual time, labor, material and additional costs involved with each job. Determine the exact cost of a job rather than an estimate, and adjust accordingly.


Comprehensible dashboards allow you to easily visualize reports.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

The widest array of access-controlled report templates available for best in class management of key indicators.

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