Table of Contents

Managing Customer Information

Add a new customer

1. Open the ‘Customer Service’ screen.

2. Click the ‘Add Customer’ Icon shown below.

Edit an existing customer profile

1. Open the ‘Customer Service’ screen.

2. Write the customer name into the search field at the top-left of the screen and press ‘enter’ on your keyboard

3. Click the ‘Edit Customer’ button

Add shipping and billing information for a customer

1. Input the customer’s billing and shipping information at the designated areas

Add multiple billing/shipping addresses for a customer

1. Click on the green ‘plus’ icon on the customer profile screen

2. Enter the additional address information and click ‘OK’

Note: Set the default address by marking the radio button under the ‘Dflt’ column

Adding Contacts to a Customer Account

1. Enter the contact’s information in the designated field

Add multiple contacts for a customer account

1. Click the green ‘plus’ icon under the Contact Information field

2. Enter the contact information in the proper fields and click ‘OK’

Setting Customer-specific pricing modules and discount rates

1. Select the desired pricing module from the drop down menu under ‘Other Information’ in the customer profile screen

Note: Discount rates are applied as a percentage value

Marking Customer type, marketing venue used for acquisition, and referrals for reporting

1. This information can be entered under ‘Other information’ in the customer profile screen

Customer Type: Classify customers by preconfigured ‘customer types’ which can be used for reporting purposes.

Marketing Venue: Keep track of where customers are coming from in order to understand the effectiveness of your different sales/marketing campaigns.

Referred By: Keep track of referrals by selecting which of your existing customers referred the new one.

Setting Customer Communication Preferences

1. Check off the applicable boxes under ‘Other Information’ for the customer

PO Required: Indicate that this account requires a purchase order.

Print Individual Invoices: Print individual invoices for this customer when multiple jobs are invoiced at once.

Automatic Invoice Emails: Printmatics will automatically email invoices to customers as they are created when this is checked.

Contact Required for Ordering: Indicate that a customer should be contacted to verify placed orders.

Automatic Email Notification for Ready Orders: Printmatics will notify customers via email when job status changes from ‘Open’ to ‘Ready’ (when it has moved through the entire workflow)

Allow Text Messaging: Allow for text messaging notifications to this customer.

Set the accounting/billing settings for a customer

1. Access the customer profile screen (see here)

2. Go to the ‘Details’ tab

3. Select the desired accounting terms from the drop down list

Setting up Net Accounts (only when terms are set to ‘Net’)

1. Fill in the necessary information in each field under ‘Net Account’

Keeping customer credit cards on file (with Century Business Solutions’ EBizCharge Payment Gateway)

1. Click the green ‘plus’ icon under ‘Credit Card Information’

2. Enter the customer’s credit card and billing information and hit ‘OK’