Centralized Customer Proofing System

Prinmatics’ CCPS is fully integrated with its comprehensive workflow management. CCPS allows for your users to easily send customer proofs, via a centralized link embedded within an email.

Features Summary:

Setting up a Production Node for CCPS

You can enable the Customer Approval feature for any desired production node that can relate to this process.

Also note that for these production nodes, you can define a Postponement period of time, before scheduling the next production node. This allows a nominal time during which you expect your customers to approve or reject a proof.

Once proofs are approved, the job will automatically move to the next production node, and the outstanding nodes will be rescheduled.

Customer Approval Email Template

The outgoing email template, shown below (Figure 1) is fully customizable in Printmatics’ Email Templates Setup.

Initiating an Outgoing Approval Request Email

To initiate an outgoing approval request, you start from the Prepare Orders screen by clicking on the ‘Envelope’ icon in the order row:

On the next screen you can select recipient, edit the outgoing subject line or body, upload and attach files, and write any notes deemed necessary for the outgoing approval request.

What Your Customer Sees

The customer will receive an email which includes a ‘Respond’ link which will take him to the centralized approval page:

Customer can enter notes, and click on the ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ button!

The results and the notes will be clearly seen by the technician in the ‘Prepare Order’ screen.