About Printmatics

Who We Are

Printmatics was designed to combine advanced functionality with a simple user experience. Before Printmatics, choosing a print MIS meant having to choose between the two. We saw this as a major problem in the industry, so we made it our mission to provide the solution!

How We Got Started

Long before we developed Printmatics, we created Lablogics — the leading business management software in the photofinishing industry. We had consistently developed our software to meet the requirements of the growing businesses we were working with. As a result of meeting our clients’ requests for decades, we ended up with a complete business solution which served as a great platform to build off of. From there, we began to develop our software even further to be able to perform complex functions for the large format printing industry. Over time, we continued to develop the software further to carry out the necessary functions for print service providers from all industries -- Signage, Offset, Digital, Screen, Promotional… you name it!

Printmatics team exhibiting at Printing United 2019.

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