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Printmatics is loaded with high-performing features we have classified into three main categories: Function, Innovation, and Service & Process Control.

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Estimate and Job Entry

In Printmatics, the processes of entering a job or an estimate (sales quote) are very similar. Indeed once an estimate is approved by the customer, it can easily turn into a job with click of a button, get scheduled within the designated workflow and move forward.

Products / Items : Every job or estimate can have one or more products associated with it. And every product can have one or more line items. User can chose whether the product is to be seen as a whole or in details on the sales quote or invoice.

Template driven order entry : Customizable Product Builder (Product Templates) creates comprehensive orders with minimal staff training.

Intelligent substrate layout : Automatically detect optimal substrate nesting strategy to create competitive sales quotes. 

Inventory Management : Full-featured, integrated tracking module maintains accurate inventory levels as orders are fulfilled.

Easy customer approval : Solicit customer approval and advance jobs to the subsequent production node automatically. 

Flexible product pricing : Printmatics offers it all - you can price products by the unit, square foot, linear foot and perimeter, hourly and finally cost-based models.

Granular user authorization : Administrators control user permissions, from reports to tracking. Employees have access to the information they need but not to information that is sensitive or otherwise unnecessary for their job protocol. Sales people can be restricted to only view jobs and estimates related to customers that are assigned to them.

Barcode system : Work orders can be produced with barcodes which facilitates the movement of jobs from department to department, or to recall them for invoicing purposes.

Email Communications : Set up automatic or prompted emails for any phase of the process from order entry to shipping.

IntelliSearch : An intuitive search tool that cross references the data entered to find the appropriate customer or job. In both customer service and sales quote screens, whether you enter a customer's name, phone number, email address, id number, or order number, invoice number ... IntelliSearch will easily provide you with the pertinent information.

Customer Information & Management

Add/Edit/Search/View : All customer-handling options are accessible via the customer service screen or the top-level menu. While entering an order the customer data screen automatically pops up for addition of a new customer.

Multiple billing & shipping address fields : When scheduling a shipment user has access to all shipping addresses as well as all other addresses that  a client has shipped to before.


Customer categorization : You  can categorize your customers by user defined 'Customer Types' and 'Customer Acquired Methods'. By keeping track of this information, you will be able to run informative reports on your revenue streams as well as effectiveness of your advertising expenditure.


Comprehensive billing terms : Can handle COD, Net, Eom terms as well as late and finance charges, early payment incentive discounts, credit limits, blanket purchase orders and more.


Customer rating : Customers are rated based on user-defined criteria. This tool can aid in all aspects of business management from directing advertising and promotional dollars to handling customer complaints.


Automatic e-mail and text message notifications : Customers may automatically receive a notification once their jobs are entered, made ready, invoiced and shipped.


Secure credit cards on file : Keep customers credit cards on file without any liabilities. Printmatics' PCI-compliant tokenization feature, can maintain credit cards on file without actually keeping the digits in your database.


Secure online payments : Customers may pay invoices via a link that you email them on an invoice PDF file.


Comprehensive Invoicing and A/R functions : Printmatics will handle your complete invoicing of jobs, receiving payments for both COD and open term invoices, run statements, finance charges, daily reconciliations, and accounting export reports.


Customer Web Access Module : A wonderful add-on feature which allows your clients to view and print their orders, invoices, payments, and statements on-line.


Other features : Blanket P.O., Automatic individual invoice printing for each order at the time of invoicing, Re-seller option, Credit Card information, and special notes field for customer service alert.

Cost Analysis | Margin Calculation

Printmatics has gone to a great length for providing a comprehensive cost analysis which can be broken down and viewed in minute details with click of a button.

Cost analysis factors : Every item of every product can be associated with its cost components such as, equipment (run-time and depreciation), material (substrates, rolls), consumables (ink and cleaning material), labor (setup, supervision, cleanup), business overhead.

Detail view of all cost components : Every single component (shown in the above figure), can be clicked on and shown in complete detail of how it was calculated. This helps you in setting up cost based pricing that you trust or you can easily troubleshoot.

Pricing flexibility : Aside from cost-based pricing, in Printmatics, you can price you products by the unit, square feet, linear feet or hourly as well. Regardless, once you have the cost components associated with the product, the cost is computed.

Real vs. Estimated Cost Option : By activating this option, every time a product gets fulfilled in the shop, Printmatics will ask the user about the actual time, labor, material, additional cost (out sourcing). This information is the basis of our cost analysis reports where you can determine the exact cost of a job and not only the estimated one.


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