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Printmatics is loaded with high-performing features we have classified into three main categories: Function, Innovation, and Service & Process Control.

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Dynamic Prioritization Allows production managers to plan and prioritize jobs with simple drag-and-drop tools. View other videos here.

Resource and media planning Initiate periodic forecasts of material and resource usage for outstanding jobs.

Order Monitors Real-time electronic planner boards can be implemented at any Production Node location. You can feed this information to actual monitors within your production facility or limit access to users via either your inter- or intranet as you prefer. View other videos here.

Sales quote approval process With our unique color-based Stop-Slow-Go system, salespeople know instantly whether their quote is Green for Go or needs manager approval.

Purchase orders Set up vendor-specific history allowing you to choose the same order placed previously or enter an order with entirely new parameters. Purchase Orders can be emailed or printed as needed.

Shipping Integration PrintMatics integrates shipping with all major carriers; prints labels automatically based on the customer’s file; and returns tracking numbers, which are and maintained in the data base and can be accessed directly by the Customer Portal website.

State-of-the-Art, PCI-compliant, “token” credit card processing system Free your company from the liability and worry of storing your customers’ sensitive credit card information. With our Token Credit Card Processing System, information is sent via a secured line to the card processor who then returns a “token” for each card to PrintMatics. The only information retained is the last four digits of the credit card number and the expiration date.View other videos here.

Customer rating system Using an internal algorithm based on order volume and payment history, the system assigns each customer a score reflecting their individual “value” to your company.

Unattended Online Orders Customers can create Packaged Products for multi-location corporations or franchises. The locations can order products or kits individually, or a blanket order can be entered by the main office for some or all of the individual locations. Purchase orders can be linked, either to the individual location ordering, or to the items being ordered for all locations.

PrintMatics Customer Portal (add-on module) Customers sign in and update information online, as well as view work in progress, job history, invoices, payments, and account history.​

Margin-driven sales quotes The easy-to-use PrintMatics system guides your sales staff through the quote process to a quick cost-based price.


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